Personal Trainers & Nutritionists

Derrick Vopelka, a former Body Builder with Spanish and Canadian titles, Ice Hockey, skier, mountain biker, Mountaineer, sport climber, Dirt biker and passion for motor sports. He has worked with over 15 top drivers and many other athletes during his 25-year long career. Specializes in, Physical Performance Enhancement, Biomechanics, Power & Strength and Nutrition. Derrick applies a disciplined and organized life style approach for reaching goals.

Alejandro Santamaría (Professional Tri Athlete) 4 times World Champion. 17 Ironman finishes with 2 podiums. He specializes at preparing athletes requiring a high level of resistance, endurance and discipline. Alejandro a top Pro and a great asset to have within the IRP Team.

Together the IRP Training Department will design the best specific training package and Bio management routine for each driver.

Maximizing these Factors, nutrition, strength training, resistance, flexibility, mental concentration, and massage therapy (for recuperation), are just some of the necessities for any athlete who wants to get to the top.


- Medical check evaluation: VO2 max, tissue composition %, food incompatibilities, structural and cranial alignment.

- Personalized aerobic & anaerobic Training & Bio Management Plan.

- Nutrition and supplement planning personalized for each driver.

- Driver Care at races and tests (including massage therapy, helmet care, drink bottle).

- Stages for performance enhancement during and off season.