Integrated Racing Performance is a sports consultancy that was started to fulfil the actual drivers demand. The trio formed by Andy Soucek, Derrick Vopelka and Jorge Gil offers high standard of support services to elite athletes in order to improve their driving skills, physical performance and image, essencial in any category from karting to F1.

«It struck us that this is a sport where time, effort and money was being given to improving the performance of the car, but not enough attention was being given to the driver».

I.R.P. specializes in preparing elite racing drivers for competition and its lifestyle.

Our program is based in 3 sectors: Coaching - Andy Soucek, Training – Derrick Vopelka and Graphic Design – Jorge Gil, specialists in each sector. (*for more info, visit our personal CV´s).

Soucek, as a professional racing driver, has gained to realize throughout his career the requirements needed to be number one.

Being F3, F2 champion and F1 third driver, apart from coaching more than 25 drivers while competing, Andy has learned that being a great driver means a lot more than having only talent. «Mind set, attitude, discipline, feeling, feedback, character, learning process, technical skills are some of the keys in achieving performance on the track»

I.R.P. was born with these factors in mind and implements techniques to improve. and shorten the drivers learning curve.

I.R.P. specializes in helping racing drivers prepare for competition. A comprehensive range of services have been developed including triathlon focused training programs, power–strength-flexibility, altitude training, reaction training, mental skills, co-ordination & balance, nutrition, coaching, simulator, graphic design for race gear, cars, helmet etc. Our aim is to prepare the driver to always be at their best.

Our role on race or test days is to ensure the driver is comfortable, less stressed and 100% prepared and focused before putting that helmet on. The combination of physical preparations, technical coaching finely balanced nutrition, mental focusing techniques, and massage sessions, will make all the difference in their performance.

Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships with dedicated hard-working drivers who want to achieve their full potential and make a positive difference between themselves and their rivals.

If this philosophy fits in with what you are trying to achieve, then the staff of I.R.P. will look forward to working with you.


«Effort and money was being given to improving the performance of the car, but not enough attention was being given to the driver»